Converting DBX Files to PST - Know the whole concept

Every-day we come across people in hordes, asking for help about DBX to PST conversion. Having observed the whole situation, we came to the conclusion that the user are looking for a simple tool for Converting DBX Files to PST. Having attempted DBX to PST Conversion ourselves (for thorough research), we came to know how daunting the procedure could be in the technical front and simultaneously came about the conclusion that the users are no more to be put about any bout of technicality, more so for solutions sake. So here we offer the solution which is more than capable of taking reign of the whole situation at once, efficiently too.

While designing this tool, we have made it a point altogether, to address about every possible need of the user about the task. We make sure that, no stone is left unturned in making the experience of Importing DBX Files into Outlook pleasurable for the users. The tool is designed to suit both individuals and organizations.

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Effective measure about conversion and data loss

The software has fast speed and can quickly convert any numbers of files in few minutes. Wondering whether it is capable of converting hundreds of files with the same speed? Well yes, the software is capable of covering that much, besides, you would always have the Batch Conversion method. The software gives full attention to the conversion of the smallest of details, which curtails any risk of data loss.

Facilities weaved on for Converting DBX Files to PST

  • Retaining various email properties
    The emails are converted unaltered, that too, along with attachments and the original formatting.
  • Email migration in batches
    This software has the facility of batch conversion, which ensures the conversion of multiple files in one proceeding.
  • Automated feature of PST file creation
    The program is on an automated system of created PST files, so as to help save the converted data from the DBX files.
  • Outlook editions compatibility
    The software has no problem in converting the DBX files into any of the Outlook editions, be it 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013 (32 bit).
  • Windows editions compatibility
    The software is in good terms with all the editions of Windows OS, right starting from 98 to 2007.

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